Live and work in cosmopolitan style in a unique building alongside Holland Spoor railway station

Transformation Stationspostgebouw

The Stationspostgebouw dates from 1939 and was the last building to be designed by the Chief State Architect, G.C. Bremer. Its prime location is situated at a busy junction of road and pedestrian traffic alongside Holland Spoor railway station in The Hague. L.I.F.E. NV and SENS real estate have joined forces to breathe new life into this iconic national monument.

LocationWaldorpstraat, Rijswijkseweg The Hague
Volumeapprox. 32,000 m2 mixed-use
ArchitectKCAP Architects & Planners
CompletionMay 2021


“A dynamic city within a city.” That is the envisaged role of the former Stationspostgebouw. A place for people from different backgrounds to meet and live together, but above all inspire one another. A unique mix of residential accommodation and business space, with a co-working concept as a key anchor tenant. This co-working concept offers a new type of workspace, with a heavy emphasis on the well-being of the people working there. This concept believes that a workplace is more than just somewhere to earn a living. It should be a location place where people come together and learn from one another. SENS real estate is redeveloping the property for L.I.F.E. NV.


An area buzzing with energy in a unique part of The Hague. That is what we plan to create with the Stationspostgebouw. A place where young urban professionals and students come together. An environment that provides inspiration and encourages interaction. A breeding ground for new ideas. To achieve that, approximately 32,000 m2 of floor space in the Stationspostgebouw is being transformed into homes, short-stay accommodation and workplaces, with commercial outlets on the ground floor.