Bringing life back to the arcade

De Haagse Passage

The Haagse Passage is a shopping arcade dating from 1885, a time when it was still customary for shopkeepers to live above their shops. That was also the case in the Passage.

WhereDe Passage, Den Haag
What40 luxury apartments
Commissioned btASR Vastgoed Vermogensbeheer
ArchitectKentie en Partners


Over time the homes above the shops became vacant and the Haagse Passage gradually fell into decline. But in the last few years the Passage, which has been declared a listed building, has been completely refurbished and transformed into a modern shopping arcade. However, the flats above the shops remained empty. In a strategy to combine retail and residential functions, SENS has developed a concept which anticipates the growing demand from a wide target group looking for residential property in the inner city.


SENS is restoring the grandeur of the 19th century in a new guise. By making it possible for people to live in one of the oldest shopping arcades in the Netherlands, SENS is adding an extra dimension to the arcade. Shopping and enjoying a coffee on the pavement caf├ęs during the day, and in the evening, when the shops are closed, the upper floors of the Passage will light up as the residents enjoy their evenings. From the comfort of their living rooms the residents will be able to enjoy the splendour of their historic and luxurious surroundings: dining with friends, daydreaming before the fireplace or simply relaxing with a good book.