Seniors opt for luxury apartments and a dynamic environment in het Gooi

Luxury ‘ageing-in-place’ apartments in in Hof van Holland

The old ING bank building on the ‘s-Gravelandseweg in Hilversum had been empty for years and many locals and businesses were beginning to see this outdated building as something of an eyesore. SENS real estate and Stebru Transformatie therefore joined forces to give the building a new purpose that would be both successful and add value to the centre of the town. The result: Hof van Holland.

Where's-Gravelandseweg, Hilversum
What41 luxury ‘ageing-in-place’ apartments and 3 luxury townhouses
PartnersStebru Transformatie, Comfort Wonen
ArchitectPBV architecten
InvestorsBedrijfspensioenfonds voor de Landbouw, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
Completionlate 2017


Comfort Wonen and SENS conducted an extensive market survey to identify the needs of house-hunters in Hilversum. It turned out that many energetic senior citizens were looking for new luxury apartments where they could live for many more years in a high-quality environment. The idea was that when the residents started needing more care, they would be able to stay in their homes instead of having to move. It was therefore obvious that the apartments had to be close to shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. The Hof van Holland project totally fits the bill.


SENS has devised this unique residential concept in association with Comfort Wonen. The needs and wishes of the elderly residents are absolutely paramount, so quality, safety, comfort and the availability of in-house care are the four main ingredients of Hof van Holland. One of the special features of the complex is James, the virtual personal assistant who can arrange domestic help and repairs, accept parcels and arrange dry cleaning. James takes care of things for the resident, leaving them with more time to enjoy themselves. James can be found in the intimate communal coffee corner. SENS believes that the complex with 44 apartments will make this part of the town far more attractive and give it a new lease of life.