The HS Quarter will soon be offering a metropolitan lifestyle that brings together space for nature, sustainability, smart mobility and technology. The district will set the highest standards for pleasant and healthy living. HS quarter is the city of the future.

HS Quarter: city of the future

A new urban centre is set to rise up beside the Hollands Spoor station over the coming years: the HS Quarter. The whole area adjacent to the Waldorpstraat is to be given a new urban impulse, bringing together living, working and recreation. The HS Quarter comprises the redevelopment of the Station Post office building, the development of The Globe, the development of the Ontwikkelplot and the development of two specials. One special in the form of a tower behind the Station Post office building and one special in the form of a new landmark building that is to become the headquarters of the CID.
The HS Quarter will be a lot more than just an urban district next to the railway: it will be a place that will attract residents and users who attach a great deal of value to a healthy, vital and enjoyable lifestyle. The common thread in these people’s lifestyle is the search for mental and physical balance. People who are fully aware of inner health and who expect this to be reflected in their environment. And the HS Quarter will be perfectly attuned to this lifestyle. It will be a district with copious greenery, smart mobility solutions and programmed integration which will place the focus on healthy and vital living.

LocationWaldorpstraat Den Haag
Sizeca. 240.000 m2


The HS Quarter will be a place for everyone to live, work and visit. Towers will rise in the district over the coming years which will emphasise its metropolitan character, but will not detract from the vitality of the city. The addition of green spaces for people to spend some time, and the right content in the programme at street level, will further enhance the quality of life here. Thanks to a mix of economic programme, facilities and housing, an 18/7 economy will arise, with vitality both during the day, at night and over the weekend. The programme is designed with a variety of target groups in mind, in order to realise the 18/7 economy. It will include facilities at local, regional and metropolitan level.


Besides being a city in its own right the HS Quarter is also an area that is well integrated with the Central Innovation District and the rest of The Hague. This way relations will be established with education and technology. At the same time the green public spaces will give the area an open character. The district itself will be characterised by a diversity of target groups: they will live and work side by side here. The area around Hollands Spoor is an ideal place for commuters. Residents of the HS Quarter may for example work in Rotterdam, at Schiphol or in Amsterdam, whilst residents of Rotterdam and Amsterdam may also come to work in the HS Quarter. No matter which direction they are heading, they will all use the area first in the morning to walk or jog through the park in the company of students, hotel guests, families, people on their way to work and other residents.
Besides being a liveable city, the HS quarter will also be a place where the lives of residents and visitors are made easier. Technology will be used to produce smart solutions for logistical flows, it will be possible to book a lesson at the closest fitness club at the touch of a button, via a special app, and smart solutions will be found to enable energy to be exchanged between the buildings. These are just a small selection of the possibilities! Sustainability is also a key priority: from green roofs to innovations in the local generation of energy: it’s all happening in the HS quarter.

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