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Foodpark Harnaschpolder

Located on the newly built A4 near Business Park Harnaschpolder, the Food Park focuses on highway users and residents of surrounding municipalities. The Food Park offers consumers a variety of restaurants for any moment of the day within a park-like setting.

WhereA4 exit 12, Harnaschpolder
WhatGastronomy and playground facilities in a green environment
PartnersStebru Transformatie and Bedrijvenschap Harnaschpolder


The Harnaschpolder Business Park is developing rapidly. Food Park ‘t Harnasch is located at the Harnaschpolder Business Park on the A4 next to exit 12. The location is connected to the N211, the (flower) auction route that connects Westland. The restaurants are carefully selected to offer the visitors maximum variety. The Food Park offers consumers a variety of restaurants for any time of the day.


Since the completion of the A4, 120,000 vehicles pass the location every day. With this, Food Park ‘t Harnasch is well accessible for both highway users, visitors, residents of Westland and surrounding municipalities. The restaurants are located in a park-like setting, with the possibility to park cars. Playground facilities and green spaces create a pleasant and friendly environment for young and old to enjoy.