From sports retail to actual sports

Decathlon The Hague

SENS real estate and Stebru Transformatie won the European tender to develop a unique piece of land in the Forepark district alongside the A4 motorway. The municipality of The Hague had invited offers in 2013, explicitly calling for a creative developer.

Where Donau Forepark, Den Haag
WhatA mix of uses
PartnersStebru Transformatie
ArchitectBreak Out Designs


In conjunction with Stebru Transformatie and Breakout Design, SENS has developed a unique ‘100% Energy’ concept designed to encourage people to live healthier lives, take more exercise and use energy more efficiently. To achieve that we designed a mix of mutually-reinforcing functions, with sports retailer Decathlon as the most important player. SENS believes the project will also have a strong regional appeal.


We need to live healthier lives and exercise more and the 100% Energy concept is an important step in that direction. The Decathlon flagship store not only offers all the sports items you might need, but also has basketball courts, tennis courts and a skate park. In other words, plenty of choice to find your favourite form of exercise. The store also organises school trips and theme days. Decathlon and SENS share the goal of doing everything they can to get people actively involved in sports and games.