Sustainable, dynamic and inspirational

The Sharing Tower

Nowadays our private lives are intertwined almost seamlessly with work. An office environment is no longer just a place to work, but also a place to meet people and to share ideas. All of these strands come together in The Sharing Tower, in the shadow of the Johan Cruijff Arena.

WhereHaaksbergerweg, Amsterdam
What20.000 m2 gross floor area of office space
Commissioned byTRIUVA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
ArchitectOZ Architects


The architect of this totally renovated office block has opted for an open and transparent façade, allowing the building to blend in more with the lively square in front. The aim is to secure a BREEAM certificate for this 20,000 m2 office complex. For example, new technologies have been used to reduce the building’s energy consumption. The interior climate is designed to guarantee sustainability as well as comfort: the transparent façade lets in the sunlight but keeps out the heat.


Thanks to a unique collaboration with the building’s owner, TRIUVA, SENS has devised a plan designed to greatly improve the presence, functionality, sustainability and comfort of the building. The result is a tower that has been transformed from a classic office block into a small self-contained city − a place you will want to go because of the energy it gives, not because you have to.